Saturday, January 10, 2015

January 10th

We're back!
Sorry for the wait everyone, we were just having a spot of camera trouble, and it wouldn't make for much of a blog without your cats on it!
Angus is the current Master of the Window Sill, an honorable title earned by conquest

Tilly is the current cutest Sphynx around! She is so much fun!

Vivian is just a sweet girl, all she wants is naps and cuddles 

Speaking of naps, here's Roseabelle!

Abbot running around for attention!

Jackson prefers his attention doled out while curled up and cozy

Vader just likes to roll around in his basket

Mmmm yummy kibbles! Costello will snack till its dinner time

Henry can't get enough of the face-rubs!

Aaaaw little Shadow is asleep

Finley is wide awake and rolling around for attention!

Rosalyn found a nice little basket to make her own

Edgar is more of a homebody, he's just curled up in the condo

Bela is the adventurous one, he hangs out in the outdoor cabins

Ohhh did I wake you up Charles?

Blog today by Miles, pictured here with my best pal Angus!

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