Sunday, January 18, 2015

January 18th

Boo has such a wiggly demeanor, it's too cute!

Clovis is everyone's pal

Leo has found the heating pad to be a stalwart companion

Vivian here, just casually showing off her wonderful coat

Shadow only looks bummed because I stopped scratching his chin to take the picture

Carl is such a lovebug! This cat is fantastic.

His sister Luna is just on the shyer side, but she loves attention just as much!

Marley is about as mellow as his namesake

Maddie is such a floppy cat, she is just made of affection

Lulu you are too cute

Junior decided to take a nap in his sister Gigi's condo

Vader is the dark lord of floppy cats

Gigi sure looks relaxed

"Excuse me, you're not actually done petting me yet."

Henry is such a sweetie, he is constantly rubbing his chin on everyone

I bet that rug is nice to dig your claws through Dean

Ozzie has always been a proponent of extended nap time

Ziggy has always been a big fan of floppy on the floor while he is petted

Edgar is a mellow fellow

So is Millie, always on her best behavior

And here's Pixel, absolutely in her element

Blog today by Miles, poetically presuming the preening pleasure of your preferred pets pending the presentation of their plentiful food platters
(I'm gonna feed them soon)

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