Saturday, January 3, 2015

January 3rd

Hey Josie, you look pretty cozy

So does Jackson, he just got in and a nap was his #1 priority

Saying hi to everyone present is Spike's priority

Buster is so adorable with his head poking out of the bed!

Mossimo is so much fun! This cat is all play and cuddles

Abbot's been around long enough to know how to just relax

Mia and Gitana are such a sweet pair! They are always close by each other

"Scratches and naps? Why yes, I would like that!"

Henry and Charles are always by each other too

While Henry hangs out, Charles just wants to nap

More of Henry, he was being too cute!

The patented "Stanley Stare"

Pets? Check. Naps? Check. I think the out-stretched paw might be for kibbles

Mia has such a beautiful coat! What a sweet cat!

Sushi too! Just mellow sweet and cuddly

Harvey has a lot to tell us about

Looks like Bela is a fan of the heated pads

Gemma giving us a 360

What a gorgeous Tortoise-coat! And what a sweet girl

Yuki and Hana are so darling napping together

I love Kizme's colors! Blue-eyed kitties are the cutest

Clovis is waiting for someone to play with

Oh, sweet little Coco

And Angus is already out and exploring

Blog today by Miles, freely frolicking with your favorite feline friends

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