Friday, January 2, 2015

January 2nd

Happy New Year!!!
Unfortunately, my camera died while I was in the middle of taking pictures and I can't find the charger. I apologize if you don't see your kitty on today's blog and will make sure to get the camera charged in time for the next blog.
Clovis and Cooper are partners in crime. They're always hanging out together and are the best of friends.

Aww, little nose kisses!

Sisters Yuki and Hana just love to cuddle with each other

Kizme coming out of her condo for some cuddles.

What a gorgeous kitty!

Sassafrass taking it easy

Butterscotch is a stickler for personal hygiene 

Gemma just loves to hang out in her carrier from home

Sherman has now taken over the food room. 

Stanley is sooo sleepy.
Abbott soaking up some attention

Josie peeking out from behind her basket

Settie finally settled down for a nap. She's been following me around all morning!

Buster as also been following me around. What a sweet boy! 

Jessica likes to use the scratch pad as a bed.

Sorry to cut this blog short everyone! 
Your blog host - Ellen


  1. From hissing to kissing within a week! I'm so thrilled to see that my little boy, Clovis, is making friends. Thank you Marie and all at All My Kitties!!!

  2. I love that Cooper made a friend!!