Friday, April 8, 2016

April 8th 2016

Spring Break is here and there are some real party animals in the house!

We're excited to see you too, Pepper!

Minka's all party'd out!

Harvey and Coco are the "it" couple of the moment.

Captain and Cleo keep it cozy!

Louie's such a socialite!

Haji found a sunny hideaway.

Taj is one cool cat.  

Mojo takes in nice 'n easy.  

Sambi must have a good time wherever he goes.

Frankie is Miss Bright Eyes!

Mittens is the bell of the ball!

Caruso is a smooth operator!

Lulu and Arina prefer the peace and quiet at the top of the stairs.

Such darlings.  

Great to see you outside, Black!

Haji would love a party platter!  


Pancho Suave brings his own style! 

Pepper can't contain herself!  

She's just got to dance!

Sweet little Grace can sleep through anything.

Magic has some tricks up his sleeve.

Miava loves a good cheek rub!

What a stunner!

Roger is a live one!  

Junebug and Roger a certainly a pair made in heaven!  

Emma carries herself like a true debutante.


Muffin is always in motion!

Umi has become our constant companion.

Party on, Minka!

Have a great Spring Break!

You're blog host,


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