Wednesday, April 6, 2016

April 6th, 2016

Happy Beautiful Wednesday from All My Kitties!

Harvey gets sleepy in the sun!

Beautiful boy
Minka prefers to sit where humans sit

Theo looking positively comfortable

Miava is one cool cat

Cutie pie Chloe!

Magic just loves his toy

Lucy is feeling lazy

Umi looks like quite the little princess

Grace sharpens her nails

Jack Black!

Cougar knows how to strike a pose

Grace is gorgeous!

Frankie in her favorite spot

Mojo is a magnificent beast!

Sambi dig the sun

Ziggy does too

Hangin' out

Pepper practices yoga in the sun

Lovely little Louie!

Captain looking mighty sly

Steeeeetching out of bed

Cleo shows off her adorable belly

Coco is back!

Black is the best!

Arina cleans up after a snack

Sambi and his giant feet

I found Lulu!

Enjoy this magnificently sunny week! Until nest time!
Your blog host, Lindsay

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