Saturday, April 2, 2016

April 2nd 2016

Millie looks lovely in Tabby stripes.

Little Olivia is always up to something new.

Chloe just arrived for her first visit and she's becoming accustomed to the newness of it all.

Roscoe is a super trooper!  

Puss sees that medicine bottle coming!

Thelma gives us a soulful look.  

Captain and Cleo are friends till the end!

Cougar's looking dapper today.

Jack Black loves to explore!

Sweet little Ada has a special spot at the very end of catio.

Sleepy time for Millie!

Spring has sprung in the garden!

Despite the lovely weather, many of our kitty guests still prefer to nap indoors.

Frosty is a darling boy.

Oliver wants some attention too!

Lulu made herself cozy right away.

Arrow has been romping around all morning with his buddy, Leo!

Theo always makes himself at home!

Ralphie, you magnificent beast!  


Leo is making new friends! 

Umi takes another cat nap!

Thanks for looking!

Your blog hosts,

Marie and Allison

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  1. Beautiful kitties! Thank you for taking care of them all! Hope Jack Black is behaving himself and that Chloe is coming out of her shell. <3