Thursday, April 14, 2016

April 14th, 2016

Lucy is overjoyed to pose for the camera!

Miss Wilson is a true lady

Gabby sure is gorgeous!

Siblings Roger and Junebug know to win hearts with those faces!
For real.
Oh Roger, you silly goose!

Muffin is hardcore about her snuggling skills

Manny feels at home on top of condos

Lucky duck King Fergus gets love from Allison!

Puss 'N Boots is the best

Bear in a bed!

Maddie has a magnificent coat of many colors


Darling Olivia!

Very fitting in front of all the cat art

Aww, hello little Kuro!

KC gets loved up
Welcome back, Pixel!

Haji is a vision

Fun in the sun!


Otto adores his chill time near the door to catch the gentle breeze

Mojo gives us his belly shot

Lucas is a first time guest, what lovely boy he is!

Umi takes the most puuuuurfect nap ever

Lil Smokey!

Roger can't contain his cuteness


Jessica, you up there?


Good day, Taj!

Smokey sneaks ustairs

We love you, boy!

Happy Friday-eve! Until next time,
your blog hosts, Allison & Lindsay

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