Monday, May 2, 2016

May 2, 2016

Sam claims this chair as his

Umi snoozes away the day

Nadia is only half awake

Annabelle is a charmer

Peter chills in a cooler corner of the office

Lucy gets some love

Delilah has discovered that the top of the condos is her favorite

Delilah has much to say today!

(Two Delilah kitties!)

It's sweet Serena!

Samson looks so angelic upon waking up

Stella shows off her best side

Frankie is frankly the best

Oscar is currently our friendliest kitty guest!


Murlyn has the most stylish orange markings!

Millie found a shady spot to beat the heat

Allison's two kitties love to snuggle up together!

Enjoy the nice hot day and stay hydrated out there!
Untl next time,
your blog host, Lindsay

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