Monday, May 23, 2016

May 23rd, 2016

Olafr is a charmer!


Umi yawns away

Fergus is so dang cute!

Cheerful Cheerio!
Miss Wilson!

Ollie is very observant!

Lil Smokey prefers the windowsill 

Rosalie is a gentle little lady!

Snuggley Smokey!



Marley is marvelous!

Olive is a dear!

Buddha is a beauty!

Skeeter is all tucked in


Max day dreams away

Bazbeaux in his usual catio shelf

Flo is fabulous!


What a bushy tail you have!

Holder is looking ferocious

Peter is a joy!

Basso is looking mighty lazy

Here comes Marley

FOund you, Ravi!

Lovely Mika!

Squeaker has a coat of many colors

Her sister Alaska is snug as a bug 

It's a very busy week over here! We hope we were able to capture all of your dearest loves.
Until next time!
Your blog host, Lindsay

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