Sunday, May 29, 2016

Memorial Day may 29

Magic has such an adorable face.

I call him Roo Roo

Samoa cookie getting a little fresh air out on the window box veranda.

Minka is pretty as a picture, and she knows it.

 It's ok Minka you can just hang out in your carrier if it gives you comfort.  We're here to serve you my dear.

Cheerio is a sugar.

Chloe is such a girly girl.

OK Sophia you win the beautiful kitten award.

We just love it when we have repeat guests like out darling boy Phil.

 Twyla, has her own opinion on everything.

 Uli is a Turkish Fold or is just not happy with today's photo shoot?

 Jack Black does not wish to be disturbed.

Our boy Brody.

 Peek a boo. Vincent

"You talkin' to me?" says Frances.

 Pixel says "Please wait until I'm ready to have my picture taken."

 "I have some preparation to do."

Rosalie observing from the highest spot in the cattery.

Sweet Marley

Ultimate photo bomb from Thelma or is it Louise?

 Lady Penelope has her back side to me.  Honey, this is not your best angle.

Holder is one of several beautiful Bangles guests we have this Memorial Day weekend.

 "If you take my picture I'm going to stick my tongue out at you," says Jessica.

I came up from the side and got a quick snap of her.  

Mika is a bangle who loves to roam outdoors in the catio.

 Bazbeaux has a scheme in mind.

 Here he goes, leaping to the next perch.  Fly high Bazbeaux.  

 Jackson is enjoying the outdoors even if there is a little rain.

Basso is having so much fun at AMK that he refuses to leave so I guess he's staying one more night.

Scooter of Scooter and Skeeter.  Skeeter was camera shy today.  

One of our "white mice."  Is it Yuki or Hana?

Fergus is a very handsome guy.

Pink paws to match a pink house for Umi.

Smokey is standing straight and tall like a little soldier next to this fallen brother in arms.  Well he actually might think it's his brother.  

Phew, that was a lot of kitties.  Have a great weekend everyone and remember soldiers who gave their lives and celebrate our freedom with a grand BBQ!

Your blog host for today - Marie

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