Saturday, May 21, 2016

May 21, 2016

That Ravi is a curious beast!  

Lil Smokey and the cat on the pillow share the same expression.

Miss Wilson's taking it nice and easy.

My what big paws you have, Ollie!

It's true that Basso doesn't always care for a cuddle, but he shows his affection by acting adorably!

Bazbeaux loves the catio, rain or shine.    


Holder is a Gumbi cat!  

Archie found a private cabin outside.

Buddha is a beauty.


Colorful Umi.  

Did I just wake you up, Desi?

Cheerio really likes hanging out inthe computer chair.  Let's see if we can get any work done!

Furgus is just a baby!

Flo is just the most happy-go-lucky girl.

Rosalie is warming up nicely!  

Ripley's got the cutest whiskers of them all!  

Oskar's just chilling on his blanket this afternoon.

Bright-eyed Marley made himself right at home.  

Peter is a precocious boy!  

Scooter looks like he just woke up!

Lovely Smokey needs a nap after running around all morning.  

Let's all take a lesson from Basso and RELAX!

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