Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Percy is our pretty boy!

AO is feeling a-okay

What a sweet face

Newton zones out

Niko naps off the afternoon

Lulu lays low

Buddy is a little beauty

Milan makes the most of this sunny afternoon

Jade just adore her basket

Piper blends in with the bedding

Kuro sure is a cutie!

Starbuck shows off his stripes

Puss n Boots is one of our long time regular guests

Rita has a lovely fall colored coat

Tanzing is terribly tired

Juneau looks just ravishing around the pink!



Gentle George!

Bailey Bob takes advantage of the sun

Jupiter is a joy!

Rocky is a little rascal!

Grace graces us with her lovely presence 

Bailey Bob says rawr!

Otis is far up there

Little bit found the perfect spot

Roger is always a vision!

Charlie is a cherry little guy

Cleo is clearly the cutest

Cassini was discovered napping behind the computer

Thanks for checking us out!
Your blog host, Lindsay

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