Thursday, February 16, 2017

February 16th, 201

Venezia volunteers to organize our paperwork

Yuki and Hana!

Buddy loves his baskets!

Jade is the chillest kitty 

Sweet sisters Lul;u & Piper snuggle up together!

Chewy is a cheerful little guy

Raffy tucks homself into bed

New guest Izzy is absolutely adorable!

New guest Cleo gets acquainted with her condo

Cleo's brother Charlie gets out to explore the catio

Jupiter has on one fancy tuxedo!

Kaplan wants some attention

Remis sure does love this shelf

Welcome back, Brody!

Otis takes outstanding photos!

Sherman sleeps off the afternoon

Bearcat is one of our friendliest guests, always coming in for cuddles.

Have a lovely day!

Your blog host, Lindsay

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