Saturday, February 18, 2017

February 18

It's President's weekend and the beginning of mid winter break.  Lots and lots of kitties so lots and lots of photos.  This takes time to put together for you.  If you like to see your kitties photos, please email us and say so at  Thank you.  




Minka arrived today and getting reacquainted with her home away from home.  

What marvelous markings on Buddy.  He reminds me of the scarecrow on Wizard of Oz.  Such a sweet kitty and definitely received his brain.

Nikko came in today and is just checking her condo out.

Look at her incredible markings.  Beautiful girl!


Puss N' Boots

What a purrfect name for Grace.




Millie is one of our favorite, long time guests.  


Brody finds comfort in the catio, heated, cat cabin.

Baily Bob would be happy outside whatever the weather.

Starbuck came in today.


Cleo and Charlie

Rocky loves his condo &
he loves to enjoy the outdoor catio too.

George and Rita is camera shy at this point.

Venezia wants to make sure the ceramic kitty doesn't take her food.  Yes, she likes to eat on the desk.  
Newton and Cassini are frequent guests and they think this is their cattery.  They're in charge for sure.

Hana loves the carpeted cubby.

Yuki prefers fluffy pillows 

 We're delighted how well 16 year old Jade is doing.  She's perfectly happy just hanging out in her large condo with a view window and her own water fountain.

Definately Leo knows where his seat is.

Who's legs do these belong to?



Probably our most senior kitty guest is 20 year old Lulu.
Piper's sister Lulu is much younger but looks up to her older sibling.

Folks, we do the doo-doo so YOU don't have to.  And believe me there is a lot this weekend.  Enjoy your holiday.

Your blog host - Marie

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