Friday, February 24, 2017

February 24

School Mid Winter break is coming to an end, but we still have a lot of guests here at All My Kitties this weekend.

 Niko likes prancing around and checks out the cat tree.

Buddy is so funny.  I was cleaning out a condo and he just decided he had to be in that cat tent, half in, half out.

 Some guests, like Lulu here, love glamour shots.  

 Give us your best side Lulu

 Jade is being a little subdued today.  She was out and about most of the morning but I think she wore her 16 year old self out.  

 Who is this glamour puss with her pink toenails? 

 Excuse me.  HIS tonails.

 Another glamour Goddess full of poses is 20 year old Piper. 

 Believe it or not, Starbuck does come out of his condo and runs around.  It just seems like every time we take photos, he's in his little cat tent in his room.



 Sometimes it take a few days for new kitties to acclimate like Lilly here.  Just wait, with a little Cheese Whiz on my finger she'll be putty in my hand.




 It was supposed to snow here today but as it turned out it was a beautiful, but cold day.  Here either Puss N boots or is it Otis, is enjoying the early spring fresh air.  

Jupiter is sizing up the giant hamster wheel but decides not to try it.  
Rocky enjoys the outdoors also.  

Right next to Rocky, Bailey bob is perched.  

 Little Bit like the outdoors especially when sleeping on a heated basket pad.


 Amber's collar was too big and she got her paw stuck in it.  We took it off of her and hope her people can adjust it so it doesn't happen again.  

 Charlie and Cleo are settling in for the evening.  

 Roger is looking for his meal but looks up for a quick pose.

Have a nice weekend everyone.

Your blog host - Marie

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