Tuesday, May 2, 2017

May 2nd

Happy May!

 The cat wrangler extraordinaire, Allison, is taking a few days off and left her two cuties, Whale and Femme with me.  

 Mama brought Quarro's favorite red bandanna to lounge on.

 Millie just came in today and is already getting comfortable outside on a heated bed.

 Is it Eru or Taiko?  Anyway, one of our twins up for adoption is giving us quite a show.

 Frankie loves to hang outside in the catio.

New arrival Goose is not quite ready to come out of her carrier.  

 Tigger is getting ready for his big plane ride and had a practice run with a sedative today.  OH SO SLEEPY!

 Another show off, Stella Blue

What a ham

Oops!  I guess another guest didn't exactly care for her high enthusiasm.  Sorry Stella Blue.

"Enough already with the photos," says new arrival Addison.

 Kalheesi is a tiny shy on his first day.

 No, Loki is not giving you a wink.  He really only has one eye.

 My boy Charles is being sequestered inside during baby bird hatching season. 

 I'm trying to get Jade to show a little enthusiasm but even her mouse toy isn't doing the trick.

 Lewie and Taylor taking an afternoon catnap.  

I found this lovely boy, very hungry, in my backyard.  Do you know who he is?  Hopefully he's chipped and the veterinarian will be able to identify his home.  Meanwhile we'll keep him warm, comfy, and fed.

Your blog host - Marie

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