Tuesday, October 3, 2017

October 3rd

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So many happy campers at All My Kitties!

Niko reaches out for some affection

L.E. sashays over to say hello
What are you getting into now L.S.?

Tiny little Saoirse

Nazale we can see your halo!
Vincent likes a dark cozy spot

My handsome man, Ron

Zoe is zonked
Fez kitten!

Someone's got the zoomies!

Purr-C lounging

Sweetest Samantha
On the prowl!

Sky lookin debonair

Welcome Luntic!

Tucked in Taiko

Here comes Astro!
What a handsome guy

Luna! You are so adorable!

Luna just adores getting all the pets
Such a pretty face
Hamlet is right at home here

He's settled in quick!
Who could resist Grant?

Marianna's got places to be!
Like napping in her condo

Charles is missing his mama Marie

Simon just can't resist the temptation of chin rubs

Frankie girl are you being shy?

Gene chose a new tent for himself, great style!

Elsa settles in a for a snooze after a busy morning of catio time

Candy looks just like a little kitten all curled up

Nina can find a comfy spot anywhere in the cattery

Whats that Emma Bean?

Checking out some new condos
Elsie looking for a head boop

She's loving the window boxes

Resident teddy-bear Leo

Oh Leo!

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