Sunday, October 29, 2017

October 29th

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From All My Kitties!

Roscoe loves the sky condos

Folie hanging out

Crookshanks all cozy
Today is Tequila's last day!

Rolling for affection!

Buddha explores 

And morphs into a cyclops! 

Baby girl was a secretary in another life

Darcy on the move!

Nimbus is so handsome!


Parkour is a chatty boy!

Blackjack has claimed his cabin

Smudge on the lookout

Big yawns for Mcclaine

Mew doesn't *quite* get windows

Summer found the banana!

Catnip time?

Smudge checks out a recently moved out condo

Simon with a Darcy photobomb

Shes everywhere! 

Simon the Grey

Watchful Teddy

Smudge has taken over the cattery!


Ivy giving me the eyes
Aurora struts over for a chin rub
Freyja loves to snuggle
Peeking out from a nap

Jellybean climbed to the top of the condo just to get to this spot!

Noodle feeling so much better!
Hoaloha prefers Buddha's condo

Such a majestic lady!

Hana right at home!

Yuki looking for lap time

Kitkat found the best nap spot
Jungle kitty

Corbyn recently roused from naptime

Moose doesn't care for pics while she sleeps

Molly just finishing a nice long drink

LeNez is happy to have extra blankies

Welcome back Lamar! (Smudge photo bomb)

Julien at the top of the catio!

Meena sweet girl

Thanks for checking us out! Sorry if we missed anyone!

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