Monday, October 23, 2017

October 23rd

 It's a Party at All My Kitties!

Tower of kitties! How many can you count?

Nina on the move!

Sleep lil' Bean
Theo lives for the window boxes

Tequila has the most beautiful earth tone markings

Kittles is happy to be high up and away

Leo does his best lion impression

Meena's got the best whiskers

Scout I won't take your toy away!

Simon is such a handsome devil

Welcome Nimbus!

It's Rocky's last day of his first visit - come back soon!

Moose loving the sunny catio today

Sweet lil - er big - Moose!

Moose & Darcy love being close by

Welcome Parkour!

Corbyn getting braver by the day

Teddy looks AND feels just like a teddy bear!

Whatcha see Luna?

Who's legs??

Silly Bowie!

Kitkat exploring new condos

Noodle doesn't love being woken from a nap
But when he's up he's going!

Vincent says "nighty night everybody!"

Answer to the question: 4 kitties! Simon, Smudge, Nimbus & Eru (Moose not seen, but he's there too!)

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