Wednesday, October 11, 2017

October 11th

So Many Lovey Kitties

Image result for cat love pile
At All My Kitties!

Its a real treat to get Emma lap time

She always has other priorities of course

Holly gets settled in her comfy spot

L.S. soaking up some vitamin D

Tula thinks the files are most comfy

Kitkat looks for a new spot!

Precious Petunia


Oh, just Nazale!

Saoirse has her favorite bubble bed

Vincent loves to live up in the clouds

Sweetest kitty ever Luna!

Smudge is stepping out!
Coming out for all the love
Opa loves her condo!

Looking for more face rubs

Did I wake you Rascal?

Jupiter has such a handsome tuxedo and slippers

Simon gets a visit from Marie's cat, Charles!

Rocky loves to be wherever the people are

And usually Purr-C too! 

Simon is ready to join the party

...or not!

Jack is all love

Making friends with Rocky

Well don't tail-whap him!

Cougar belongs in the great outdoors

Simon says "no pics today pleeeeze"
L.C. the lovebug

She has the cutest lion face
Luna joins the party outside!

So much adventure
Where did that tent come from?
Making herself at home!
Elsa always by my side
Welcome back Maska!
Tucked-in Taiko

Bonus Rocky Mlem

Eru explores upstairs!

Thanks for tuning in! Feel free to email for more pics of your sweet fur babies!

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