Wednesday, June 12, 2019

June 12th

It's HOT outside and kitties are either outside in the sun or inside enjoying air conditioning!

Lamar sitting pretty. 

Newton is ready for Summer!

Howdy, Tiger!  

Check out the moonlike eyes on Glover.  

Your eyes are like lovely glowing orbs.  

Sophia is a goodie!  

Magnificent Martha.  

Cozy with her blanket.  

Newcomer Minna is as cute as can be.  

Who's toes are those?


Basso's nose. 



Always a looker. 

Maxwell likes to get out to the catio.  

He's got the gift of gab!

Fuffy apricot tail on the highest shelf in the catio must belong to Hyra. 

Lucki is a darling emp! 


Pita loves having a condo of her very own.

Wise old Kitzel.

Warm weather makes Newton lie even flatter than usual.  

Mika enjoys the junkle-like humidity--- it's 85 degrees out!

Thanks for looking!

Your blog hosts,

Marie and Allison

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