Sunday, June 23, 2019

June 23rd

Sleepy Sunday!

Despite the cloudy weather, Rovello took the opportunity to enjoy the gorgeous garden views!

Bitty Kitty giving us a meow!

Blueberry is ready for her daily brushing!

Toby and Candy share a perch

Biiiig stretches for Candy

Charles is missing mama

Cutest Clovis

Frank is happy to have his cabin back

Frankie loves to watch the birds

Roo and Glover are buddies

Glover is the sweetest guy!

Sleepy Jack-Jack
Frankie goes to visit Teddy in his condo

And back to the window!


We will miss you when you go home today Jiji!

Juno and all her magnificent floof
Kodiak is such a ham!

Loquacious Loki!

Lopo is a lover

Citrus looks good on you Mac!

Stanley snuggles!

Maggie gets a great window view
Mika is a sleepy baby

Milo loves the outdoors

Elusive Minna

PNB is all chill

Always know where to find Rita!

Rocky is a snuggly boy today

Ziggy comes down to say hello!

Roo contemplates his next move

Sweetest Sadie
You can't tell which end is which with Sandals!

Scout #2 takes a siesta

While Scout #1 enjoys the fresh air

Welcome back Papa Shadow!

Simon loves a good basket


Sweet Teddy bear!

Toby struts his stuff on the catwalk

Tomtom the copy-cat

Toulouse and Biarritz are a dynanic duo!

Yuki & Hana spend a rare moment together
Whats going on with that tent though? 

Ziggy up high!

Zoe says "thanks for watching!"

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