Thursday, June 27, 2019

June 27

Although it's Thursday, it's always the weekend for our kitties!

Toby is LOVING the garden this morning!

Scout trying to catch some zzzz's...

Blueberry telling us ALL about it.

Brutus: on his throne.

Bombastic Buddy is BUSTING out! :D

Welcome Ciapka!

Mika doing the "downward cat" pose.


Dusty is always so chatty.

 Frank managed to snag his very own cabin :)

Frankie's ready for breakfast!

Hugo's close-up. 

Hyra and Poncho!

Hyra is just so photogenic.

Kodiak is living his best life!

Restful Rocky :)

Lovely Lili.

Lopo is so loveable.

Loki always has the coziest napping spots. 

Luxuriating Louie in his basket.

Cool Hand Luke :)

Magical Maggie.

Marcie has the best view in the house.

Sun's out, tongues out for Minna!

Welcome Mishka!

Biarritz, looking sweet.

Parkour and Nimbus are best buddies.

Welcome newcomer Pan!

Hyra, Pancho and Rita catching some rays :)

Poncho among the flowers - what a sweet boy!

Roo is in love with the camera :)

Sadie is always so curious.

Scout loves his views of Lake Washington.

A tail bath was at the top of the docket for Simon!

Stanley and Dusty playing peekaboo.

What a life, Stanley!

Toulouse getting snuggly!


Have a great rest of your week!

Maddie, Allison and the All My Kitties Team

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