Wednesday, October 16, 2019

October 16th

Thinking about going as a cat for halloween this year and painting three chunky black whiskers on your cheeks with eyeliner?  How about something a bit more convincing?   Here's a cool tutorial from Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Cats" on broadway that would boost anyone's cat make-up game!  

Beesly's fluffy toes.  

And fluffy tum tum.  

Now THAT'S what I'm talkin' about!!

Oh, Smokey, the utter elation!  

Three male kitties just hanging out.  

Everyone wants to be near Riley.  

He loves making friends.  

Cooper is a joy!  

The old flop 'n roll!  


Howdy, Leo!

Apollo, buddy!  

Nina couldn't be more content in her basket.  

Mew just arrived moments ago. 

Smokey says, "Who's in my condo?"

Lap cat, Leo.  

A great day for Smokey to chill in the window box.  

Sleepy Simon could not be disturbed.  

Mavis loves her condo!  

Domino situtates himself by the entrance so that he can greet the customers.  

Wonderful Riga.

Luna and Purr-C were made for each other.  

May they snuggle for eternity.  

Hobbes has such an arresting gaze.  

Riga is always the center of attention.  


Raleigh is a sweetie!  

My what big paws you have, Elsie!  

What a doll!

Have a great day!

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