Friday, October 25, 2019

October 25th

Kitties are rockin' out getting ready for Halloween!


Remi checks out the catio.  

An intrepid explorer!

Abigail keeping it cozy in her basket.

Sweet little Mavis. 

Pepper on the window shelf.

Strike a pose!

Mavis springs into action.

Mr. Blue was made for the outdoors.  

Julien wants some LOVE!

Julian, I presume?  

Pepper peaks his head out from over a shelf.  

More elegant poses from Pepper.  

Wonderful to meet you, Buzz!

Mavis has her eye on those birdies.  

Mr. Blue  running all over the place.  

Good-natured Simon.

Pepper is determined to try out every shelf in the room.

Kashi's got his favorite condo and he's going to take advantage of it.  

Welcome back, TomTom!

Cutiepies Sherlock and Watson. 

Watson has a firm grip on Sherlock.

He's a purr boy!  

Animated L.E.

Saoirse with her baby face and partial ear.

Regal Riley. 

Boo likes hanging out in his carrier with his special blanket.  

Clovis just arrived minutes ago.

Estelle is starting to settle into her new surroundings.

Kitiara is so fancy in her tuxedo. 

Kahless bundled under blankets in her basket.

Welcome, Kiwi!  You sure are a cutie!

Have a great day!

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