Sunday, October 6, 2019

October 6th

Making Friends!
At All My Kitties
Chewy's eyes look like jade jewels!
Chloe climbs up for a cuddle

Data is luminous!

Fin is ready to pounce!

I can't believe how fast he has grown!
Charlie is having a chill day

Kemba was bummed to say goodbye to his friend Mars today

He's a photogenic guy
Kevin!  🙀

Such a sweet lil dude

Little Emma is just a darling kitten

She just adores her personal scratch pad!

Data gives me a good mlem

Korra feeling mysterious

Lucki is such a pretty model

Looks like she is wearing some fashionable eyeliner 
Mack is the king of kitty eyeliner!

Welcome back Mavis! We've missed you!

Missy tells me all about how much she loves it out here

So much to say!

Mushu is a floppy bundle of joy

Look at that happy boy!

Nina is having a peaceful and quiet afternoon

Nyla says "I love the sunshine!"

And peeks out for a head scritch

Oliver likes to try out different condos

Apparently Roscoe's bed was a cozy choice for now
Q-Tip would live in the kitty solarium if we let her

Ravishing Roscoe!

Ever the amazing model

Sarge comes over to get some love

He's such a stately gentleman

Snoozing Simon

King of the Catio!

Spacey enjoys the window on the other side of her condo

Chloe and Spacey hanging out!

Lovely Zelda - its your season!

Thanks for tuning in!

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