Tuesday, October 29, 2019

October 27th

Happy National Cat Day from All My Kitties!

A sun-bathed Sherlock.

Watson shows off his flopping skills.  

Riley watches over the room from above.

L.E. is a lion!

That fabulous mane!

Sweetest Saoirse.

Glover loves to be chatted up.  

What a darling round face.

Always nice to see you, Navi!

Estelle steps out of her basket to say hello.

Tyson is ready to come out!

Welcome back, Mira!

Watson is a cutie.


Kashi's got those bengal stripes.

Rita definately isn't lacking in the personality department.  

Mavis shows her content by rubbing her face on the cat tree.

Tana won't let a single person go by without paying her a greeting.  

Precocious Panqueque. 

Nobel Mr. Blue.

Always the gentleman.  

Explorative Mavis. 

Panqueque is a ball of energy.  

Hello up there, Newton!

This undercover kitty wants his identity kept secret ((it's Guaro!))

Sunny days again for Simon.

Have a cat-tastic day!

Your blog host,


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