Friday, September 30, 2011

Cordelia chills out with her catnip toy in the office.

Loki is a big flirt!

We eskimo kiss...

Then he goes in for the kill!!!

Mary is a sweet girl!

She almost smiles as I pet her!

Winkie pops out for a treat.

Woolly doesn't pop out!  She revels in the security her basket provides her.

Hey Juliana!

"Get outta my face!"

Cougar settles in for a brief spot of sunshine


Rufio, are you waving to me?

Jazzmine gets nosy.

"I am Archie..."

"Hear me ROAR!!!"

Looks like Kyro can hear him all the way upstairs!

Well, nevermind.

Bck to napping!

Kiki is really skilled at napping.

Kiwi stands guard.

Hope you enjoyed today's assortment of kitties!
Your blog-host,

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