Friday, September 23, 2011

Ollie was not too pleased about all the other kitties at first, but he has quickly warmed up!

Mihaly is so laid back.  He loves that basket like nobody's business!

Yoga pose: Downward Cat

Yoga pose: Upward Cat

Ollie peeks!

Cordelia sleeps!

Kyro sneaks!

...and sniffs the air!

Kyro's sis, Kiwi, likes the window box.

Kyro just likes to creep around behind the furniture, like a stealthy jungle cat!

Samantha Kitty!

She'll only come out if you make it worth her while. :)

The Keekster's in the house!

Jazzmine always knows which basket is hers.

Popo is doing great downstairs.  So many brown tabbies today!

Nina skulks around.  That's the only word that really describes this posture.

Harrison is a sweet guy!


Yussi looks tough, but she's a real sweetie.

Millie is here!


Last but not least, Conseco!  Wow... how many brown tabbies is that, now?

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