Saturday, September 3, 2011

Moxie arrived a couple days ago, on a harness, and with a fresh new haircut!

Franky is a sweet guy.  He is also an expert at photo composition.

Harrison is so easygoing and attentive.  He is a puppy-cat!

Ellie goes wild for catnip.

You can see it in her eyes!  The frenzy!

Pixel watches Ellie roll around from a safe distance.

But someone is watching her.   Is this a boa constrictor?

Not a constrictor; simply Conseco!

Suddenly he is taken by the frenzy...

Poncho Villa chills out on the ground.

Puss 'n' Boots has tried to make a playmate of every cat here, without much luck.

When I try to play with him, I only succeed at bugging him!

Mike is a mellow cat.  He is happy doing his own thing, and will accept a pet or two-- then back to his adventures!

Hazel is Ellie's sister.  She disapproves of Ellie's catnip indulgence.

Who's ears?  (Poncho's!)

Conseco has conked out again!  Too much partying last night, I guess.

Upstairs, Cricket makes some noise!

Pi is such a big cat... I put a pencil on his as a size reference.

Of course, as he sniffs it, it rolls away and he becomes perturbed.  Cats are so easily perturbed!

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