Monday, September 19, 2011

September 19th

 If you're a kitten it doesn't matter where or how you sleep

Scarlett wakes up

 Did someone call me?

 Yana wakes up for the photo shoot.

Mihaly is king of his heated basket throne.

Boo and Kiwi enjoy the Fall weather outside

Lulu always has something to say.

Jazzmine is a frequent visitor and knows who's boss.  Her!

Bentley knows his place on top of the cat tree.

Nina on a catnip high.

All done.

Harrison arrived today and seems a little perplexed.  

Nyar finds another heated basket in the cattery.

Yana just lovin' up the cat post.

Tigger is a sweet boy and is enjoying his stay at All My Kitties.

Motorhead (because she is usually a purring machine) is not coming out of her carrier no way, no how.

Jazzmine knows where to be at dinner time.

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