Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Moxie likes her kitty basket.

So does Cricket, but she's more excited about the possibility of getting petted!

Samantha Kitty likes to look at the beautiful view from the window box.

Cordelia had the same idea.

Kiki is a sweet one!

Marie's cat Domino doing what she does best - chowing down enthusiastically.

Josie squinting in the light of the camera flash- silly kitty!

Mr. Grey Kitty enjoys his nap after a frolic in the outdoor enclosure.

Mac loves a good head-scratch, like some other kitties I've met.

Juan yawns wide!

Do you think Boo is related to David Bowie?

Hey, Tiger.  I almost didn't see you there!

Eep!  I'm being spied by Mihaly!

Sam is pretty well disguised, too!  Can you see the eye in this image?

Princess Jasmine:


Sophie says "I'm a princess, too, ya know!"

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