Monday, February 6, 2012

Smudge is super-relaxed.

Cordelia, royal as always!

Chewie likes tiny hidey-holes but also loves visits from humans!

Sandy greets me.

Larry, too!

Newton leans!

Cassini cuddles in the shadows.

Newton is happy to be her guard-dog.

What a good brother!

Ozzie does a one-step...

And a do-si-do!

Mittens checks out one of the newly-painted cat cabins!

Sam enjoys the sun's rays.

Indy is on the shelf.

Hey there!


Sky is not too sure about this freshly-painted cabin.

But slowly...

She creeps inside!

Sandy stands by to observe.

There's Sky, gettin' cozy!

Mittens wants to be near the camera, too!

Well, Sky, what's the verdict?

Finally, the last cabin is almost done!  What do you think of our color choices?

See you next time!
Your blog host,

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