Sunday, February 26, 2012

Philbert & Zezou are bros.

They really love each other.

Jazz makes funny faces for the camera!

Hobbes found the warmest crevice.

Happy as a clam!

Or...  peas in a pod?

Kung Fu has claimed this island!

He's very serious about it.

(I don't doubt it!)

Holloway peaces out in the pagoda.

Tampa, come out!

Well... maybe just a little.

Chewie has eyes like headlights!

Stella naps, her favorite pastime.

Chloe stretches tall!

What a pretty girl.

Sharley curls into a tight ball.

Dixie is restless today.

What to do?

Should I stay indoors?

Or go out?

Outside, Jazz enjoys the sunshine.

He can absorb the warmth through his big ears!

Ahn'Ly makes the most of it, too!

Buster, in his favorite basket, as usual!

Rosabelle is in a stretchy mood today, too!

Oh!  I guess Dixie decided to stay indoors.

I'll be off on a road trip for the next month, adventuring through the southern US states, camping and eating delicious food!  I'll miss taking care of your kitties, but I'll be back at the end of March.  Wish me luck!  (And be extra nice to Marie this month: she'll be working extra hard!)

Your blog host,

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