Wednesday, February 22, 2012

 Kung Fu tries out his skills on the scratch toy.

 I think he's please with himself.

 Hey, whose sitting on my office chair?  

 Oh it's sweetie Hobbs.

 Stella comes to see the beautiful day outdoors.

 Buster is too busy grooming to pose for the camera.

 A'hn ly is brave to come outside her first day of boarding.

 Lily girl.

 Phoenix seems quite comfortable on the cat tree. 

 Puss n' boots loves to climb on top of the condos.

 Newton is an active guy.

 Another picture of pretty A'hn Ly

 Oscar LOVES to be outside most of the time.

 Jazz is A'hn ly's son.  He's not as adventurous as she is. 

 Malachi just watches the world from a basket on top of the condos.

 Whose this poking his nose out of a heated cat cabin???  It's Conseco (Tiger).

 Cassini prances around in her condo.

 "You want to take a picture of cute little me?"

 Her brother Newton discovers the Scratch Lounge laced with catnip.

 "Oh yeah!  I like that."

 Rosabell is wondering who's in the condo above her.  It's Lucy.

 Sharley thinks she's the cutest kitty here.

 "See how cute I am?"

 Lucy loves the cat scratch post her people brought for her.

 I think it might have a little catnip on it too.

There goes Stella, back to her condo at the top of the stairs.

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