Monday, February 20, 2012

Turn around for one second...


...Roo is climbing the walls!

Parson looks like a Halloween cat.
Roo chews my hair.

Apparently it's good stuff!

Sabrina naps.

She's a princess!

Hi Sharley!

She is almost convinced to play with the feather toy.

But then she loses interest.

All she is really concerned about is looking cute for the camera!
Hello!!!  Feather toy here!

She makes airplane ears in response to the pestering toy.
Lady P, lounging glamorously.

Sky looks like she's in the middle of telling a really involved joke.

Or venting after a long day at work.

She's sooooo cute!

Stella camps...

and downstairs, Rosabelle follows suit.

Gilda casts a sly glance over her shoulder.

Coco leaps into action!

"Where is that meowing coming from?"
(I was playing a recorded video I had shot earlier.)

"Oh well..."


It's alright Coco, you did your best. 

See you next time!
Your blog host,

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