Sunday, March 25, 2012

Abbott explores the indoors. He's a very sweet kitty and loves following me around.

Jessica being playful.

Cordelia is enjoying the spring sunshine.

Rusty gets a chin scratch.

He found the catnip!

Guinness has found a cozy basket.

Jasmine is a very playful kitty and spends most of her day exploring.

Samson or "Sammy" is poly-dactyl. You can see his extra toe in the picture above.

He was so cute playing with this toy that I had to do a video.

Bob has found the perfect place to take a nap: the Scratch Lounge!

Rusty also rests his feet.

Puss n' Boots wakes up from a nap.

Little Bear looking very handsome.

Jasmine shows off her adorable belly.

Frank peeking out of his heated cabin. He loves it in there!

Lopo is taking his brother's advice and trying out the heated cabin too.

Now it's time to explore!

Jasmine is also exploring the outdoors.  It's been a beautiful, sunny day!

Fruit Bat having fun in the sun.

Mia is such a gorgeous kitty, and she knows it.

Hi, Costello! I was looking for you.

Costello enjoys some chin-scratching.

Thanks for viewing! 
Your Blog Host, Nicole

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