Saturday, March 10, 2012

 Adorable Mittens

 You would think that Moose never moves, but you haven't seen him at dinner call.

 Pippen looking cute and happy again.

 New guests Alfie finds a warm patch by the door.

 Guess who?

 Mittens finds the driftwood cat trees suitable for a face scratch.

 Millie is a frequent visitor here at AMK. 
 She finds great comfort in this heated basket overlooking the cattery.

 Dixie has been here for two weeks, but today is her last day before she goes home.  Bye bye Dixie.

 Ada, Alfie's sister, is kind of shy and  prefers the comfort of her basket.

 Meanwhile Simba and Dixie enjoy the outdoor covered catio.  Yes it's raining.

 DeeCee makes a dash for the outdoors.

 Alfie wants to follow but isn't sure about how to use the cat door.

 Gabby is welcome to come and go to her condo as she pleases,
but she actually prefers to just hang out in her own space.

 The top of the condos is Tigger's own space.

 Holloway is leaving tomorrow too.  Holloway's parents are taking him to a brand new house.

 Merlin got a bath today and doesn't seem very happy with me.

 Bye Bye Tampa.  You're going to your new house too with Holloway.

 Popo just seems board with the whole thing.

 Ubele discovered that the outdoor cabins have heated beds and she loves the warmth.

 Popo is giving her model look with her head looking over her shoulder in a sultry way.

 Merlin moves to the cat nip scratching lounge.

Every day is a Mittens day.

 Josie found this little basket and made herself right at home.

 I spy Millie.

 Simba loves the outdoors.

 Pippen and DeeCee found playing with a dried leaf very entertaining.

 Then Alfie wants into the action and distracts them.

 I took this picture a few days ago but just had to add it now. 
 Dixie is a real  love with all the customers who come to visit All My Kitties.

"That's all folks," says Simba.

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