Thursday, March 1, 2012

 Meet Junebug.  What a cute little girl and what a cute name.

 Dixie is such a pretty girl and posed perfectly for the camera.

 Hello Hudson

 As soon as I pull out the condos to clean behind, Dixie is right there to check things out.

 Once again Sabrina gives us a happy greeting.
"Hi Maddie.  Where are you?"

 Oh my cherie amour Chaussette.
  This is your last visit here at AMK before you leave us forever for the glam life in Paris. 

 Jazz likes to go outside, but it's pretty cold out there today.  Maybe he should just stay in.

 Ted's not even leaving his condo.  
Why should he.  He has a birds eye view of outdoors and a space heater right next to him.

 Then we bring out the green feather toy and everyone's interested.

Hudson caught it.

 "Oh I'm so adorable?

 Junebug's turn.

 Ted and Oliver never stop at anything.
  Don't they know they are 10 months old kittens and need to take naps?

 Even Tama and Holloway come out to investigate.

"Not interested," says Chloe.

 Same with Hendrix.

Hey, Bella found my stash of Temptation treats.

Rusty is purrfectly happy in his heated bed.

I hope Maddie is having a wonderful time on her cross country road trip.  We all miss her here.

Your temporary blog host,

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