Wednesday, March 21, 2012

 Fruit Bat, yes that's his name, is enjoying the rare outdoor sun.  His guardians named him Fruit Bat because he had these HUGE ears when he was a kitten and he looked like, you guessed it, a fruit bat.

 Guinness has moved to Rufio's condo and he looks very comfortable in Rufus's bed.

.  Guinness' sister Jasmine has come to Rufio's condo, while Rufio sleeps on top

 But Rufio doesn't seem to care.  He enjoys the extra company.

Abbott asks if it's dinner time yet.  He's a big kitty and needs a lot of chow.

Lopo prefers to drink out of a running water fountain.

Buzz is a sweetie kitty.  He likes to sit in the bookcase.

Little Bear comes out for a look around.
He was very shy at first, but now he's really having a good time at kitty camp.

Frank still hanging out in the heated cat cabin.  Frank, don't you know it's sunny outside?

Sajah doing his normal routine...hiding by day.
 But Sajah is a nocturnal kitty and loves to come out when the lights are out.

Costello finds love just about anywhere.

Nicole was looking everywhere for Bob.  Here he is...way up high on a outdoor perch.

Ahhhhh, that sun feels good.

Lopo can't believe that the rain has finally stopped.

Abbott is such a handsome guy.  He and brother Costello like to be on the highest perch in the cattery.

Sparrow, our tri-pod guest, has taken over my chair in the office.

Tigger is just waiting for a chance for everyone to leave so he can come down from on top of the condo.
 I've got to bring my camera out in the evening to show you that yes, he really does come down.

Cordelia wasn't feeling well today because she is on a new course of anti-biotics.

But she was so excited to receive a FedEx'd package of kitty toys sent especially just for her.  

That really brightened up her day.  She's such a dear old girl.

Kiki is an old kitty too.  It's rare to catch her outside of her basket bed.

Ahhhh, but that heated mattress is calling her back again.

But first a little drink of water.  Kiki is diabetic and needs a lot of fluids with her medications.

Sparrow says "Good bye."

Blog host - Marie
Blog photographer and kitty wrangler - Nicole

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