Wednesday, March 28, 2012

 We estimate Kiki to be around 20 years old.  She just got a bath today and is napping after the invigorating event.  She was a very good girl and got tuna fish for a special treat.  Actually, she gets tuna fish everyday as a special treat because she is a spoiled little girl.  That's probably why she has been around for so long.

 Bailey is making himself comfortable on top of his condo.  He and sister Dora just arrived yesterday while Mom and Dad vacation in Hawaii.

 Here's sister Dora starting to check things out.  She is the shier of the two,

 but she's settling in quite nicely.

 You'll always find Abbott up high somewhere in the cattery.

 Samson looks like he got a whiff of something.  It's Pixel who just came in today.

 Pixel has been to AMK many times before and she's letting Samson know that.

 Fruit Bat, you are such a clown.

 Meanwhile Samson and Pixel are still getting acquainted.  I think he's got the hots for her.

 But she seems very indifferent.

 Lola has the most gorgeous blue, owl eyes.  Here she finds comfort in one of our outdoor heated cat cabins.  She says "Hi" to Blyth, her mommy, who we know is watching Lola on our blog.  

 Pixel wants to see if anything is happening in the yard.  She's pointing like a bird dog.

 Sky doesn't care about anything except his heated chair.  "Please don't bother me," he says.

 More antics from Fruit Bat.

Finally here is Rusty.  He is a real charmer for the camera.

Hosts:  Nicole and Marie
Maddie coming back on Friday.  YEAH!  Nicole and I and the kitties can't wait to hear about her US road adventure.

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