Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Brothers Charley and Notch are too adorable for words.

Whoops, looks like Charley abandoned ship!  Oh well, Notch still seems happy.

Koda likes to hang out up high!

Lucky is so glossy.  What a handsome dude.

Desy steps out on the porch for a breath of fresh air... be greeted by Charley!

Bodhi seems pretty cozy today.

Oscar and his new pal Bags hang out together.

Eru is a flirt!

Charley is just too cute, I had to throw this pic in, too.
"Aaahh--CHOO!"  I heard-- and then felt a fine mist come down over me...  Thanks, checkers.  Didn't anyone ever tell you to cover your nose when you sneeze?

"YAWN!"  He doesn't seem to notice.

Then he goes and spends some quality time with the sister.

Ferby & Checkers are so cute together.

Monty is melted!

Bags and Oscar, I caught you guys nuzzling!

"What, nooo, I was, uh... just going over here..."

A gradient from light to dark, Bodhi, Eru, Bags.

Chief walkin' through the 'tulips'.

He's enjoying the sun.

Peek-a-boo, Grimm!

Lilly luxuriates.

Alvin as seen through his space-ship porthole.

Smudges reads the paper.

Matilda enjoys the pagoda.

Nadya is a sweet girl.

Sophie gets a little fresh air.

We love your kitties!

Come see us again soon.
Your host,

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