Friday, July 27, 2012

Alvin cuddles up in his favorite spot again!

Sophie knows the ropes.  She's been here many times!

Matilda snoozes by the window, to enjoy the breeze.

Sophie doesn't really like the camera flash... Sorry!

Rainy loves to be petted!

So does Smudges.

She stretches to super-long length to come greet me!

Chief is a napping champion.

Josie always picks this exact same spot to hang out.  And, she always closes her eyes for photos. :)

Stella, what a classic cat pose you're in!

Charley looks like a baby Bodhi.

See?  Here's Bodhi!

But Charley is actually related to this guy, Notch!

Koda prowls around.

If you don't watch your back, Jasper will jump on you and piggy back ride you around!

Kiki will do no such thing!

Bodhi just wants to give kisses.

Puss n Boots is back in town!

Look at these three goof balls!  Eru, Bags, and Oscar are having a secret boy's club meeting.

Clearly, I have disrupted the meeting.

And they begin to disassemble.

Lilly wasn't invited to the boy's club meeting, but she doesn't seem to mind.

Koda is very interested in these plants, and has buried his face in the shrubbery!  Hmm... perhaps because it's cat mint! :)

Come see us again soon!
Your blog host,


  1. Marie,

    Since you refuse to respond to my vmails and now, apparently, won't read the emails I've sent I have unfortunately, been left w/ only one route: this blog.

    In fact, I've no idea if you even read the very first email copied below, asking about Cordelia before sending your email demanding money.

    [But before I copy the text from my emails to you in this post, I ask that you take a moment to recall that Cordelia was my deceased mother's cat. And since bringing her to live w/ me in Santa Fe was not, in my opinion, a good option for her given her fear of dogs, my male cats, etc., I placed her in your care. Cordelia is the last tie to my mother, and I've made every effort w/in my means to insure her well being and security.]

    ---------------- [ME: 7/24/12]


    Though I've respected your explicit wish, thus far, to not contact you in any way, in the absence of info I need to know how Cordelia's doing.

    I have not received a bill for food, meds, litter, and of course the person you mentioned who picks up after her (She has her own personal kitty maid who tends to no other?)

    And I've not seen pics of her on the blog for a long time.

    Please let me know her status.

    -------------------- [YOU: 7/26/12]

    I am sending you Cordelia’s bills totaling $891.06. This is for vet bills since our last correspondence. This does not include my employee expenses who take care of her, or the lost income I could generate from the condo she resides in. I will send you pictures and an update when I received your payment. DO NOT EMAIL OR CALL me until you send me a check. Do email a new address if you have moved.

    ------------------- [ME: 7/26/12]


    At this juncture, I feel the need to point out something: I do not take marching orders from you. As I stated in my previous email, I respected your wishes wrt communication until a couple of days ago when I realized just how long it had been since I'd had a status on Cordelia or any mention of veterinary bills.

    I've spoken w/ Four Paws vet clinic who've confirmed that they recently faxed you nearly 6 months of unpaid bills for Cordelia. Why did you not send me the bills as they were incurred so I would not be surprised by this total? And I have to wonder just when were you going to let me know about them.

    And Marie, enough with the whining about your employee expenses as though Maddie's solely dedicated to Cordelia, as well as lost income because Cordelia takes up a condo. I paid full room and board (nearly $700 per month) for approximately 9 mos. at which time you suggested that we work out an arrangement whereby Cordelia could remain at your facility if I covered her veterinary care, food, and litter. I have done this.

    I'm sorry that you've come to regret your offer, and our agreement. However, several times since this agreement was put into place you mentioned that Cordelia was really not a burden and your business was doing very well allowing you to make improvements (installation of radiant-heated flooring, etc.)

    Your statement that I won't receive any information concerning Cordelia until I've paid this surprise bill (that I don't even have from you yet) is unacceptable and unprofessional. In fact, it reminds me of the old joke, "Pay the money or the kitty dies." But I'm not laughing.

    Please contact Four Paws ASAP and have me listed as the "owner of record." They can then invoice me directly as bills come up and I will also be kept apprised of her health status in a timely manner. If you have not done this (it is after all only a phone call) by end of day tomorrow, you can expect to be contacted by my attorney in Seattle.

    What are you, a child? This is not the behavior of a business woman.

  2. ------------------ [YOU: 7/26/12]

    Robin, Cordelia is just fine. I’ve taken unbelievably good care of her and she has even gained weight. It’s been very expensive for me and I would appreciate you sending me some money. If not, please consider her my cat. She is with me constantly. Isn’t that what you would want for her Robin? I certainly won’t euthanize her until her time has come.

    ------------------ [ME: 7/26/12]

    Send me the invoices for this surprise sum and I'll promptly send you a check. Contact Four Paws and list me as "owner of record" and let me know when it's done so I'll be kept in the loop as to cost and care.

    And if you want to be paid for expenses in future (if Four Paws can't or won't invoice me as they apparently do you), don't allow the bills to stack up to 6-month totals and expect me to gleefully come up w/ the money on short notice.

    And never again withhold information about Cordelia. I will no longer accept your edict to refrain from contact so "man up" and honor the agreement you made w/ me w/out the hysteria.

    ------------------ [YOU: 7/28/12]

    I’m not even going to read this. Please do not contact me. I’ve helped you so much I can’t believe you even question. Also, If you want Cordelia back, come and get her, even though it will make me very sad.


    Sad? Yes, it's very sad.

    I know from speaking w/ the vet that Cordelia's doing well, and I believe she benefits from life at your facility far more than she would here w/ me w/ a Malamute, 2 male cats, and a parrot. It would be chaotic and frightening to her at the grand age of nearly 18 yrs now.

    But Marie, your behavior is strange, unpredictable, and ultimately unacceptable. I have a duty to my mother wrt Cordelia, and I cannot fulfill that duty in the absence of regular communication from you concerning her health/contentment and veterinary needs (when I'm paying the bills).

    So, the last communication from me, which you've already made clear you won't acknowledge, was today's vmail stating I will be coming to SEA to bring Cordelia home w/ me. I feel you've left me no choice. And unfortunately, Cordelia will be the one to suffer from this sudden uprooting of her relatively peaceful life.

    Get some help, Marie. Get on meds---whatever you need to do to stabilize yourself. And if you're already on meds, perhaps it's time to consider a change.