Sunday, July 22, 2012

 Ok, Sophie did not like her medicine, but does she have to scowl at me?

 Smudge is such a sweet kitty.  She is completely  content just sitting in her carrier and getting head scratches

 Monty is waiting by the kitchen door because he knows his dinner is just on the other side.

 Watch out Chief... You're going to fall asleep right in your water bowl.

 Bodhi's parents brought a toy that everyone is enjoying.

 Charlie has a go at it.

 Then Pixel.

 Stella snubs her nose at the new toy.

 Buzz giving his one eyed Jack impression.

 Are you trying to tell me something Checkers?

 Oscar tells me he's the top cat around this place.

"What's going on next door?" says Koda.

 It's Bags showing off.  Look at those claws!!!

 "I'm not impressed," says Koda.

 Now aren't these the cutest kitties?

 Charlie and Notch are almost a matched set.

 All Lady Penelope wants is her blankie.

 Checkers doing a little two step for us.

 Ahhhh, Ferby just loves sleeping the day away in this basket.

 Lily loves her special bed too.

 Lucky just came in today and already he's made himself right at home.  Well, he has been at All My Kitties many times before.

"I know it's dinner time soon.  I'm just dreaming about it," says Chief.

 "Hey what's going on down there?" meows Desy.

 She's taking a closer look.

It's Bodhi just struttin' his stuff.

 Matilda loves to sit out on the window cat veranda.
 Bye bye to Abbott and Costello.  They're going home tomorrow.

Hey Donk, you keep your mitts off my check.  That's for me.

  We started this blog a year ago and as of today we've had a total of 10,500 views from all over the globe looking at all our precious kitties.  Yes, this is the greatest job on earth and I even get paid for doing it.  Thank you all for making this possible.  I Love ALL YOUR KITTIES.


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