Sunday, July 29, 2012

I spy Gilda's golden nose...

Is she named Gilda because of her "gilded" coloring?

Sophie gives me a stare-down.  She may look tough, but she's a softy when you bring out the kitty comb.

Romeo, oh Romeo.

Wherefore art though, sweet Romeo?

Rainy loves to be petted so much, I had to make an animation of all the snapshots of her enjoying it:

Matilda hangs out in her basket.

Parson licks his chops after telling me what he thinks about me!

Alvin may be up there in years, but he has a healthy appetite, as evidenced by the licked-clean dish behind him!

Koda sniffs the wind to find out his direction in life.

Stella looks pretty cheerful in her cozy basket bed.

Krancis looks cozy, albeit a tad grumpy.

Chief, as usual, is as cozy as a kitty could be.

Millie confidently explores her home away from home.

Mario takes a scratch break.

Bodhi cleans my hands for me.

Zezou is talkative, like usual!

Riley... or is it Jasper? smells something interesting (other kitties?)

Caught in the act.

Buzz has found a nice little hidey hole.

Jasper and Kiki sure do like to keep each other company.

Koda and Puss n Boots seem pretty relaxed together, too.

Mia is so petite and cute!

Notch gives me a loving gaze.

Taiko is made of pure love.

Oscar gives him a run for his money; this guy is always wherever I am! :)

Charley, caught mid nap.

Cordelia enjoys the window box, petting herself against the door.

She does love a little bit of sunshine.

Such a sweet kitty.

We love all the cats here at All My Kitties.  They all have such unique personalities.
Come see us again soon.

Your blog host,

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  1. That's so wonderful that u have found a food that Alvin likes! As u know, his geriatric tummy doesn't agree with just anything. Thank u so much for caring for him during our vacation.