Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Silas is a calm cat.

Coco is small, but in this perspective, is a giant!

Rusty keeps it cozy this afternoon.

Nellie watches the gardener from the window.

Sparrow does what he does best... :)

Gigi looks like a floating head!

Louie is more embodied.

Here they are, brother and sis, on either side of a ravine!

Agent Orange makes cute snorty noises!  He's a persian, so he needs a little help with his hygienic maintenance.  We're here to help, A.O.!

Jessica is in her pink princess palace.

Woah there, princess Jessica!  That's a little feisty! (But still adorable!)

Pancho Villa loooves this heated seat.

He is one of those rare cats that you can safely give a tummy rub.

Nika can always be found in a basket (unless it's food time!)

Jackson has pitched a tent.

Sophia is hard to get a photo of-- she is always on the move!

Eru is self-petting.

Minka wants me to follow her...

Tinkerbell uses her carrier as a bed.  It sure looks cozy!

Jaime makes use of the hotel amenities.

Sajah-- you're so faaar awaaaay!!!

Taiko is feeling talkative.

Philbert loves the hand that pets him.

Zezou, I just can't help but pet you like this!  You are so funny and sweet!

Millie watches his fluffy tail.

We love these kitties!
Come back soon.
Your host,


  1. Hi Silas and Nellie! Have a nice time.

  2. Thank you for more Louie and Gigi photos --- Louie lives the Catio too ;-)