Thursday, February 20, 2014

Bath time at City Kitty

A Day at City Kitty an exclusive spa just for cats.

We've taken a few of our guests on an adventure north of Seattle to Edmonds for a day of beauty at City Kitty grooming salon. 
 Here is Zed with Adrienne, the owner of City Kitty, BEFORE his beauty treatment.  Look at all of Adrienne's grooming ribbons, and that's just a few.  She has a school, a franchise, and a very informative monthly news letter.

 Bath time for Zed and he takes it quite well.

Meanwhile back at the cattery, Amigo and Hunter are still getting used to the boarding experience.  That's ok.  It usually takes about  three days for first timers.

 Newton just wants to show off his magnificent claws.


 Puss N Boots has a pretty good set of claws too, but he's not such a show off.

Skeeter has finally decided to explore the cattery.


Brother Scooter likes the comfort of his condo.

Lyre knows he's the Top Cat.

 "Yeah Baby!"

Miava is being very entertained by this kitty toy.

She has lots of fun batting it around.

 It's a nice, but a cool day in Seattle.  Eliza and Cougar just want to hang around outside today.

 Here comes Tiger struttin' his stuff.

 Pepper is such a cutie.


Rosabelle is too, especially when she rolls in a little bit of sun with a catnip toy.

They meet.
But I don't think they fell in love.  Not this time at least.

Can you get much more comfortable Jasper and Kiki?

But where's Cassini???
Ellen said she saw something moving in this basket.

What are those?

Who is that?

 There you are Cassini!!! 

I don't think Jasper is going to let Tiger in, at least that's what I heard him say.

 Baby has a mid afternoon snack.

 First timer McClane needs a little more time to adjust.


 Esmeralda can't be bothered. 

 Oh did we wake you up Essy?

Bingo loves this little baby doll of Essy's.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha," says Bingo.  "It makes me laugh so hard.

Can you believe this? Gomez has taken over my chair and won't budge even when I try to sit in it.  Sorry to intrude Gomez but you really need to move.  Ah, alright.  I'll share.

 Albus is quite at home in the comfort of his condo.  Well it is big, it's warm, and it's safe.  

Time to pick up the kitties after their day of beauty.

Brothers Zezou and Philbert look like they belong in an Elizabethan painting.

Zezou, your fur is so soft now after your day at the salon.

Zed looks and feels fantastic!

Your blog host for today - Marie

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