Saturday, February 22, 2014

Cat Olympics close

While the 2014 Winter Cat Olympics comes to an end, the cats at All My Kitties certainly get the gold medal in one category,  CATNAPS.


Starting with Gold catnap medalist, Roo.

 Dulce sharing the gold



 McClane.  Whose that mysterious cat next to her?

Whoever it is, she's certainly disturbing McClane's nap.

 Cougar can barely wake up from napping in the heated cat cabin.

 Lyer is oblivious of the camera.

"What?  Who me?" says Kashi.

 Jed can barely open his eyes.

 Amigo had a visit at the vet today so he is ready for a nap.

 You would think from the blogs that all Albus does is nap, but really he does get out and explores the cattery, and then back for another nap.

 While everyone else is catnapping, Bingo is looking for mischief.  He is just a kitten after all.

 Peanut is a world class napper.

 But Hunter has more important things to do, like investigating my printer.

 Same cat Newton, same bed, same pose, different day.  Yep this cat really knows how to relax.

 Tana likes her afternoon siesta too.

Lupin is getting ready to curl up in my chair.  She knows what time it is:  CATNAP TIME!!!

 This is such a sweet encounter between Skooter and Ellen.  Ellen really knows how to talk to the animals.  She is such a great addition to our staff.  We are all so lucky to have her with All My Kitties.

Here is cat lover and 2014 Winter Olympic team USA cross-country skier, Andy Newell 

While Andy spends much of his time outdoors, he’s a careful cat caretaker who knows his pets should stay indoors and out of the snow. He has responsibly built a screened-in porch for a little fresh air.

"They’re complete indoor cats. They stay inside – they've never been in the snow – although in warmer weather they’ll go to the screened-in porch.”

They are rescue cats in a house that’s seen its fair share of felines. Growing up, Andy said, there were at least two or three – at one point up to four – cats at all times. Andy will try to stay in touch with current cats Finnegan and Phoebe while he’s on the road.

Andy and his kitten Phoebe.  

"I’ll Skype home with mom and sometimes she’ll pull the cats in front of the computer.” Andy will be gone about five months total while he tours to various competitions in Europe and onto Russia for the Olympics.  Then back home to his family, and to the ground to greet the cats.

Happy Sunday.

Your blog host - Marie

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