Saturday, February 1, 2014

Superbowl sunday

It's game day and the Sea Cat's are ready to cheer on their team and the fans.

Here's Frankie Girl getting the fans warmed up.

Sea Cat Babs.

"Stop dancing girls," says Rosalyn.  "There's a flag on the field and I think I want to play with it."

Here is the Sea Cat's team leader Queen Cordelia, watching and guiding her girls from the sidelines.

Here come the players.

 "Am I supposed to throw that ball because I'm pretty entertained with this crinkle toy," says Edgar.

I've told you before Cougar, this isn't a beauty contest, this is a BALL game and I need my big guys out there now, so get out there and show some claws!!!

Jackson has so many balls to catch that he is bewildered and decides to sit by the window.

Ace is taking a rest before his big photo shoot.

Smile for the camera Ace.

And here are the fans anxiously waiting for the activities to begin.

 Sierra will observe from the comfort of her basket.

"You what?  You want to watch the Puppy Bowl?  NO ONE TOUCHES MY REMOTE," says Coco.

Some snooty fans, like Domino, get to watch from their box seats.

But Hester is just as happy with the lounge chair. 

Go Hawks!!!

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